Gevgelija - Macedonian Las Vegas

Sun-drenched Gevgelija, located only a few kilometers above the Greek border, is not only the crossing point for the E-75 international highway but also an enjoyable destination in its own right. It offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, excellent and fresh cooking, cultural events, nightlife and more.


Mountain Kozuf provides a natural and easily detectable boundary between the Mediterranean climate, marked by arid, rocky hills, and the Continental climate, marked by grassy fields and deciduous and pine forests. This biodiversity has made the Gevgelija region one of Macedonia’s ecological rarities.

Aside from wild flora and fauna, Gevgelija’s mixed climate and modern farming methods have blessed the area with an abundance of different fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, red peppers, cherries, watermelons, sunflowers, grapes, strawberries, peaches, pomegranates, onions and apples- you name it, they grow it. Although it is known primarily for its agriculture, Gevgelija also has a long history of culture.

Theatrical performances were first held in 1908, followed two years later by the establishment of a public reading room. About the same time, residents started to enjoy Sunday orchestra concerts. Gevgelija’s cultural focus has continued right through to the present. The town’s music school thrives, and a summer art camp and ballet performances are held. The Gevgelija traditional dance troupe, finally, helps keep the traditions of old Macedonia alive today.

Nowadays, Gevgelija is known as the Macedonian Las Vegas, having several hotel chains that promote casino entertainment in the region.

Spa lovers will enjoy the luxurious Negorci spa, just 4 km (2.4 m) from the town center. This state-of-the-art complex for restorative health features 2 pools heated from 38-40°C, as well as a center for physical therapy. A similar nearby facility is found 24 km (14.4 m) from Gevgelija, 850 km (528 m) above sea level of the stunning Mt. Kozuf. The resort known as ‘Smrdliva Voda,’ is famous for its sulfur baths and water used for healing gastric and kidney diseases. This spa complex is fully outfitted with 400 villas, a hotel, sports center and ski slopes. Gevgelija has its sultry climate to thank for its leading position as a Macedonian agricultural [Museum of Vardar Hill] center. The area enjoys 240 days a year without frost, with an average temperature of 22 °C (72 ° F).

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